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Large and bold, and crafted in a flowing style reminiscent of the Belle Epoque, the brooch is mounted in titanium, and is so light you could wear it on the thinnest gossamer silk.Prince Dimitri's two black cuffs (Lots 84 and 85), inset with coloured diamonds, have a look that is equally hard to pin down. JAR's pear-shaped lattice-work cages, the last lot of the sale, are mounted with small diamonds.They could be Arab or African, or a 1920s Modigliani-like design. Each pendant frames a big old-fashioned rectangular diamond, cut so flat it resembles a window.But the star piece must be Ms Ong's vivid green tassels (Lot 147).I found one website that suggested soaking them in white rum and sugar for extended periods of time. I've also made drinks from them in the past, with good results.If anybody has any other ideas, please let me know.Only one name that he rated highly, Edmund Chin, at Etcetera, had nothing that was ready in time.The result is a display of art jewels that will be remembered long after the last bang of the gavel. Mr della Valle's grand diamond bow (shown left), nearly five inches across, looks like something you would need to pin on tweed or barathea, until you pick it up.

Holding the sale in the evening, in a grand location, in February (when it is freezing in London and Moscow, but warm in the Gulf): all those decisions were easy. Gone are the days when Mr Warren might have waited for old ladies to bring their tiaras and necklaces into Christie's showroom in a paper bag, although one lot in this sale―the Sherif Yeghen Sabry diamond necklace (Lot 96)―did indeed turn up this way.

Ong is the first and only Singaporean to have won six awards by the prestigious 138-year-old American Watercolor Society (AWS), of which he was conferred membership in 1992.