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14-Sep-2017 06:23

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To be on Ditto, you have to upload a photo, but not much else – there’s no height or caste requirement, something that proved troublesome for Sailesh Ghelani.“I am not 6 feet tall, I am 5 feet 6 inches and a lot of girls want taller guys, so that tends to create a problem,” says Mr. Ghelani, a 36-year-old editor of an online entertainment blog, who tried Ditto after realizing Mumbai’s restrictive social culture wasn’t conducive to meeting women in bars or clubs. During their times at IIT and Ivy plus universities and even later, Vibin and Vinod continuously heard complaints from friends about how they receive a bad deal online, and how existing matchmaking sites don’t live up to expectations.

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They believe that currently no market player has solved some of the problems like verification, authenticity, measuring the quality of each profile, attracting top quality people, giving free basic services, keeping user privacy paramount, keeping the site free of advertisements, discouraging spam and changing to the social networking environment and there lies their USP.“Currently, matchmaking sites around the world list search results at random or in chronological order.

The first thing you notice about’s homepage is the photo of the couple.