Reasons for dating a tennis player

20-Oct-2017 03:57

Henin was the only player who actually rivaled Serena, with her heyday coming during Williams' most serious injury downturn. 1 since Serena first graced the top of the rankings 13 years ago.She might be the best right now (it's her and Le Bron James for the honor) and there's a case that she's the best of all time (I'm personally partial to Jordan and Ali). (That's a women's singles record.) Her record in Grand Slam semifinals is 25-4. As she embarks on (more) history in 2016, it's worth celebrating what makes her story so compelling and her legacy so amazing. In the past 14 calendar years, she has won at least one Grand Slam title in 11 of them and a total of 20. Her career Grand Slam match winning percentage is 88 percent (280-39). This includes her perfect Grand Slam seasons in 2002 (where she sat out the Aussie and won the other three Slams) and this year to date. Thus, she is 46-8 all-time in the semifinals or finals of Grand Slam singles tournaments. Serena Williams became her private and public cheerleader, even telling Vogue: “Let’s just put an end to this myth that women players cannot be friends. ” So it was awfully telling a couple weeks ago when almost no one in tennis came to Maria Sharapova’s defense in her time of need.

Wozniacki sniffed, “As athletes, we always make sure there’s nothing in it that could put us in a bad situation.” Petra Kvitová seconded that opinion, telling the Desert Sun newspaper, “We should all know what we are putting into our body.” Said Victoria Azarenka, “A lot of players are upset and disappointed.” Sharapova’s longtime rival, Williams, gave the closest thing to a pat on the back, saying, “[It] showed a lot of courage to admit to what she had done and what she had neglected to look at.” But perhaps the most damning commentary came from the woman long known as tennis’ sweetheart — 18-time Grand Slam champ and ESPN analyst Chris Evert.

But that particular missed opportunity is irrelevant to the question at hand, which is her legacy among American athletes.