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AGFC working to repair slide on Lake Overcup dam MORRILTON – Drivers traveling south on Highway 95 along Lake Overcup may have noticed what appears to be a slide on the back side of the Lake Overcup dam.

Inspections by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission have determined that the integrity of the dam has not been compromised.

The Non-Resident 3-Day Trip Fishing License will increase from to and the Non-Resident 7-Day Trip Fishing License will increase from to .

The Non-Resident Annual All Game license will be increased from 0 to 0.

But Jones said he can manage it with the help of Eric Maynard, Brett Crow and other staffers at the Pine Bluff nature center. He is 6’2”, 300 pounds, and now he has taken up bow hunting.” Another student, Thomas Hass, has become an enthusiastic fisherman as well as getting into duck hunting since he studied Outdoor Recreation.

The juvenile eagle was quickly taken to a rehabilitator and probably will recover. Karen Rowe, nongame migratory bird coordinator with AGFC, said, “While it is likely that a duck shooter shot the eagle, it was a pair of true sportsmen, duck hunting conservationists who fished the eagle out of the water, wrapped the eagle in a hunting coat, put the eagle in their boat and called the wildlife officers to meet them at the boat ramp.”Rowe suggested donations to the rehabilitation facility to help with expense of care for the injured eagle.

Rodney Paul of Central Arkansas Raptors Rehab at El Paso in White County said, “This eagle was shot in the right wing ...resulting with a fractured right ulna. She said, “Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas is the nonprofit raptor rehab facility that will spend its own money and time caring for this eagle until it can be released.

They are items for adding on a student’s resume when seeking employment.

Jones said, “We have had 15 of our graduates go to work for the National Park Service.Jones quietly confides that his students are not the only ones learning new activities in the class. “Everyone was pulling out cell phones and taking photos when I climbed into a canoe,” he said.